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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Friendly Breakfast Foods United....

I think I've raved about the restaurant before, but not Kendall's - Kendall Square that is.

The Friendly Toast is the greasy spoon-modern American-fusion restaurant every foody dreams of. The original in Portsmouth New Hampshire but the Kendall Square branch is just as good. I've had the Vegan Valhalla - an Asian burrito of tremendous proportions in every way - and sampled various breakfast dishes - all perfection.
Last night I finally tried the red beans and rice - a mound of brown rice, corn, spice, kidney beans, and a drizzling of mango sour cream. Two slices of Anadama bread garnished the plate. All was good.

So check out the Friendly Toast in Kendall Square sometime, whether or not you plan to get off the Red Line at MIT.

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