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Monday, January 24, 2011

Black Beans and Quinoa in Cast Iron...

I got a shiny new Dutch Oven for Christmas but had yet to try it out. Then I came across this recipe at Post Punk Kitchen (A Great site!).
I Swear it's better than it looks!
I didn't have raspberries - frozen or fresh - so I used a very ripe mango on the counter for the puree and it came out well. I think using raspberries or blackberries which were evidently in the freezer, hiding... The mango was a bit light in flavor but it still tasted great. Tossing in some leftover chopped cauliflower and about a cup and a half of kale, it had all the usbstance I was looking for on a brutally cold January evening.

It's -2 degrees according to one thermomoter; -8 to this one (as of posting... It's one my roof too)
Too Cold!

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