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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trials in Cake...

My Better Half's birthday is coming up very soon and I have a plan for a multi-tiered chocolate and white cake with Raspberry and other good things. I'm trying to sample cakes - I'll update as I bake but here's cake #Uno:
A thin batter, it was more perfect in lightness than I could have hoped...
Yes, they got stuck in the cupcake tins, but a spring form pan should remedy that.
Look at that chocolatey(ness). They taste great but perhaps a bit too light - I was hoping for a bit more density - more like a flowerless cake perhaps but then again that would imply I want a flour-less chocolate cake, which I don't. I'll keep thinking.
This cake was good though... It wasnt exactly healthy (although, as usual, I subbed light whole-wheat for all purpose.
Here it is - Thanks to the creator: I'll continue sampling but not a bad option!

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