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Thursday, May 19, 2011

I Like it Hot...

And it refuses to stop raining or to warm above sixty degrees in scenic suburban New England. With luck, it will be nice for my soon-to-occur graduation and other senior revelries.

To warmyself up and try to find some faith in the misery of this northern climate of ours, I finally made a curry that's been on my mind for days. I know, I know, I forgot to take a good pic, but it wasn't perfect as far as dishes go, so if and when I get it sorted out, I will be sure to provide a tantalizing snapshot or two.

Taking from the recipe on 101 Cookbooks I simplified the recipe and used the variety of coconut milk sold in cartons - it's so much healthier and thinner than the canned variety it seemed a simple replacement to me. Whisking the spices and simmering milk, I added zucchini, cubed extra-firm tofu, asparagus, raisins, peppers, and a few diced chunks of eggplant which I had previously roasted with Garam Masala.
The broth was too thin and not sweet enough, so that's where I intend to perfect this healthier-alternative to classic curry, but a wholesome dish served over brown rice, it hit the spot.

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