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Sunday, November 21, 2010


So Saturday was mon anniversaire. Friday night I had a family dinner out at Watertown's Red Lentil Restaurant. It was possibly the best meal I've had out in years.
For an appetizer, we shared the Beet and apple Potato Latkes (sweet and light). I had the Near East Seitan and Teff Crepes as my main course which was fantastic. Curried, meaty Seitan occupied two substantial crepes; a bit of wilted spinach and a sweetly-savory pineapple salsa complimented the crepes' flavours well.
I'm afraid the picture from my woeful phone camera
doesn't do the plate justice.
For dessert I had a wonderful piece of vegetarian carrot cake - moist, sweet, and not oily like the variety can be. My mother had a piece of gluten-free chocolate herself, which wasn't of the best texture (but he, it was gluten free...). A great ganache held it together nonetheless.
So, if you're ever in the Boston area, be sure to try the Red Lentil. It's reasonably priced, small, and delectable.

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