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Friday, August 20, 2010

A long summer day...

It's been a long tired day. Little to do and a need to bake. I was considering making some cookies but then I found this recipe for Black Bean Brownies and wanted to give them a go.
Nothing too spectacular, but a good recipe, certainly up to my standards for healthiness too!

I used 3 eggs in place of bananas (because, to my great sorrow, I found myself without the 2 bananas called for) so they're not really vegan, but still good and vegetarian. Also, I would recommend sticking to the recipe except perhaps by adding more cocoa powder, a half of a cup of chocolate chips (perhaps...) and reducing baking time by a portion. It could have been that I made my brownies in muffin cups in my new favorite muffin pan but they cooked rather quickly. No pics just think brownie and mild chocolate. they're good, just be very careful not to over-bake these ones.
Enjoi :D

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