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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The first leftovers...

So today I took the lentil stew (dal) from last night and threw it together with a few ounces of firm tofu, about a half of a cup of quick oats, third of a cup of pepitas, sprinkle of Nutritional Yeast, two eggs, some minced garlic (again, the ready made kind...), about a tablespoon of whole wheat flower to help bind and some other spices I found. It was all random, so no real recipe but I based it off of this 101 Cookbooks recipe (I love that blog...)

Pan fried with a bit of cooking spray, flipped, and then steamed with a lid on for about 5 minutes per trio (or however many your pan accommodates) they formed pretty well. A simple whole wheat bun and some pickles, lettuce, etc... made for a good veggie patty!

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