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Monday, July 9, 2012

A Midsummer...

Evening (and night's) meal. Yup, just a brief check-in. Food has been very good this July, so i'd jsut like to share a few notable dishes.

Just today I threw together a simple batch of baked Kale Falafel with a simple salad, Raita yogurt sauce, and a multigrain cous-cous of quinoa and brown rice. It was light and still filling for a pleasant summer dinner.

Falafal, nestled there like " 8 pounds 6 ounces... new born infant jesus ..." to quote a lingual giant.

And this past wednesday, I visited Happy's Bar and Kitchen in Fenway. It isn't a small space by any means, with tall ceilings and a wide bar space followed by a spacious dining room and attractive open kitchen. I appreciated the vintage look combined with a more modern shaggy-chic style and wide menu. They offered several pescetarian-friendly selections (such as my Veggie Dagwood below) as well as specials that may or may not fit the bill. Leading with deliciously chewy italian sourdough, my father enjoyed his omlette (a rotating daily special) and I my sandwich. I loved the hearty dense sandwich bread which could only be described as quintessential wheat sandwich loaf and even the fries - a delicacy I seldom sample even when good.

Oh, Sammy...

Prices were a bit high at times but certainly not any higher than comparable restaurants in the neighborhood and with ingredients of higher than many in the area.

I'd go. Be happy to.

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