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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Burgahs and Burgahs and Burgahs...

At Wahlburgers there's more to eat than mere beef patties. Yes, there is Beef.
Where's the Beef?

Well at Wahlburgers right beside the Thanksgiving-Turkey Burger, Portabello Cap, and Salmon patty.
With a menu of fresh and common ingredients, there is still a collection of uncommon foods to be enjoyed. The Tater Tots come in the sweet and white potato varieties; the Onion rings which I did enjoy, were just coated enough to yield a crunch but not enough to at all mask the sweetness of the red onions it bound.

 Onion Rings are truly a thing of beauty...
I enjoyed the Salmon patty myself during my outting for an early Father's Day lunch. It was fresh and sweet - well cooked with a slightly crisp exterior from a good sear. A light aioli and fresh cucumber slaw. The bun was a heavenly brioche and just hugged its components.
My father enjoyed his Portabello burger and enough so that I didn't manage a taste but it looked delicious and messy. Just as it should be.
Small, yes; mighty, also

The interior of the restaurant is simple and modern, lined with large television screens and two different methods for ordering - table service or counter.

Give it a visit if you're on the south shore some time. It's reasonably priced, giving perfect not-too-big portions, and if you're a fan of Marky mark, a pilgrimage.


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