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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meenas Kitchen!

Indian Food! It's eclectic and could mean anything, really. I'm not a terrible fan of the classic "Indian food;" Saag, paneer, biryani, and masala are each a bit heavy for my stomach and taste. I love them don't get me wrong, but I can only eat so much and the next day, process so little. Meena's Kitchen is a bit different.
The small restaurant on Pearl Street in downtown Nashua, NH is a popular spot offering classic southern Indian street food. Almost like Indian tapas, you really need to dive in to experience all of the coordinating flavors. Luckily they offer a 6-course prix-fix everyday, rotating, so as to ensure your wallet stays full and taste-buds excited.
The food is spicy and flavorful, but not stereotypically heavy. Try everything and jsut eat what you like. I'll certainly be back with some friends of mine who love Indian (and are either currently or were in a former time, vegetarian).

Take some time out of your busy eating plans to give it a try! you can't really be disappointed, because there's something for everyone. At the least, the rice pudding is so sweet even the most novice ethnic palate will find some welcome flavor.

The latter half of my 6-course meal. Cabbage rice, Dhal, Squash, Raita, and Pudding...Mmmmm

A spicy-sour soup of spinach and lentils

Sour crepe with a tomato chutney. Parisian meets Italian, in India...


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