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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Chez Henri; With it

So I got a Gilt City coupon for a 3 course dinner for two with 2 entrees, 2 starters, and a dessert. It's a service not unlike Groupon, Google Deals, or Living Social - I recommend them all.

So as an early birthday gift I took my mother recently and enjoyed what was among the best meals I have ever had.
Chez Henri is located exactly between Cambridge and Porter squares on a side street just off of Mass Ave in Boston. It's a fusion between French and Cuban; sauces and styles beckon to the Western culinary tradition as flavors and dishes tend to lean nearer the equator. Dishes such as Bouillabaisse, Steak-Frites, Ceviche, French onion Soup, chickpea crepes, Seared Flounder...
The list goes on, never mind an extensive and well liked bar menu including empanadas and what is called the best Cuban Sandwich in Boston.
I enjoyed what was perhaps some of the best service I've ever received at a restaurant and a comfortable environment, not to mention food. Oh the food!
I had the Bouillabaisse of shrimp, crawfish, Cod, Salmon, Mussels, Clams, and a Deliciously salty-spicy-garlicky broth. With a Ceviche of the freshest calamari and sweet mango, I was quite satisfied. My mother had a delicious and generous crab and blue cheese salad - two flavors which complimented nicely despite the strength of the cheese and mild sweetness of the crab - before a trout dish with rock shrimp and root puree. We each enjoyed our dinners immensly and hardly had room to demolish the amazing lemon-berry Creme Brulee that followed it all down.

I'd certainly frequent Chez henri were I better funded and closer to the city but I will be back, nonetheless.

Photos to come!

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